Audit & Conflict Resolution

Audit & Conflict Resolution

Audits happen. We’re here to help. At Baldwin Murray & Company, we have extensive expertise handling personal, partnership, and corporate audits at the federal and local level. We are in your corner, and want to resolve burdensome, time consuming audits as efficiently as possible.

Receive a notice and not sure what to do about it? Let us take the guesswork out of the equation. At Baldwin Murray & Company, we have years of experience resolving notices in favor of individual and business taxpayers.

Struggling to pay your taxes? At Baldwin Murray & Company, the Offer In Compromise and Installment Agreement are specialties and we will work with you to ensure your offer stands the best chance of acceptance.

We have the necessary experience to deal with the complex audit procedures required by the IRS. We will be by your side, from the first notice to the final agreement, and we will resolve your audit at a fraction of what the other guys charge. Call now for a consultation.

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